2.0 Done

Ok I have been testing and entering data and finally finished up.

Remember don’t forget you can contact me with any bugs you may find. So far I haven’t had and issues myself but you never know what will happen.

Download: 4 Shared or Media Fire



Coming Soon

Ok I am hard at work on a final version. I have been testing and fixing many issues with the beta and streamlining the tables used in the DA Codex. I have also been working to make the combat tracker auto look up all of the character stats. As well as fixing several bugs and typos.

The finished version of the DA Codex should be done in about a week. Please feel free to comment with any additional features that you might want to see added or any bugs you find. I am working hard to address all problems.


New Beta Downloads


There were several fixes made:

1) Fixed a problem with the weapon group, talents, & specialization selection not working on the character sheet.
2) Added Traveler’s Garb from the Player’s Guide (Box 1); Added Sample characters from Green Ronin’s Free Sample Characters PDF; Added Brass Knuckles (a variation of gauntlets).
3)  Added a section to the character generator for money. Can’t believe I forgot it.
4) Fixed a problem where Mage info (Fraternity, Spellpower, Mana & Strain) was showing on non-mage characters.
5) Added Mage & Non-mage versions of the character sheet print options. Also added full versions of the character sheet that included notes about powers, talents, spells, and such for those who don’t want to have to look stuff up as much during a game.
6) Added a print option to NPC creation, Organizations, & Mass Battle Armies.
7) Added a few more NPCs to the generator. The rest will be added soon.

Update on Beta Testing

Ok so just to let people know…

Since there are those who do not have a full version of Microsoft Access on their computers I am trying to work out how they can use the Codex. I first thought of Open Office (since it is a free program that does pretty much all of what Microsoft office does). However I have been having trouble with that. I downloaded Open Office and found it does not support Access 2013. So I am not sure it is going in Open Office.

I was going to work on a version of it in open office. But that is looking like it is going to take a lot of work and a long time to get working. Since it lacks some of the features from Access 2013 that I used to get the Codex working.

However there is another option I am thinking will be easier. I going to include a copy of Microsoft access runtime in the next download. This way the database should be useable by anyone who does not  have a full version of Microsoft Office. You should only have to download the runtime and then you should be able to use the Database. However until someone tests that I won’t know if there is anything I need to do to get it to work.
Also I found the first error in the character generator (but fixed it). The damage for weapons that have a -1 like improvised weapons is not adding right. But will be in the new version.

I will be posting an updated 2.0 version at the end of the week. That way I have time to see if there are any more issues between now and then that I need to fix. Also I should have more of the data entered that way. Please let me know if there are any other changes or improvements that anyone wants so I can try and include them in the new download.

Until then I am also posting an update of the beta with the Runtime files included. I use the x84 file system on my computer but I think  either should work. Honestly I will need to rely on beta tester who do not have Access 2013 to let me know if this works. Here are links to the new beta version: Media Fire or 4 Shared

Open Beta Testing

Ok so I finished enough of it for it to be ready to test… Still a little experimental.

Known issues: You can keep track of properties on the character and under properties but they just won’t print on the sheet (had to remove them) I will be working on this later. Only a few NPCs are entered (mostly ones you can buy). There may also be entries I missed putting a page number on.

Things I plan to add: I am going to set up a way to print a full version of the character sheet. Right now for testing it is just the shorter version. Also I am going to add a way to print NPCs, Organizations & Army Forces.

Other then that it is done. We will see how testing goes and if there are any problems.

If you do have a problem make sure to take a screen shot and post it so I can see what happened.

Download: 4 Share or  Media Fire

Nearing Completion

The Dragon Age Codex is nearing completion. Several new functions were completed today. Including: an Advanced Test tracker, NPC record keeper, Organization builder, Property manager. Also rules sections for Fade Essences, Titles, Stunts,  and Natural Weapons.

Also I should be done enough in a day or two at most to open it up for Beta Testing. Anyone interested in trying it out and letting me know what they think feel free to comment.

Here are some new preview images:

The First Codex

The Beginning

Welcome to the Site for Campaign Codex; a project to build campaign managers for tabletop GM’s. Our first project is a Dragon Age Campaign Manager.

The DA Manager is nearing completion now. And will be posted soon for beta testing. It will be providing a lot of functions, and will be customizable for those GM’s who want to add new homebrew content to their games. It will include a Combat Tracking system that keeps track of conditions, health and more. There is also a character generator and sheet for keeping track of your pc’s. Also an NPC creator so you can upgrade and find NPC’s quickly. There are also various game resources you can add to or edit, like backgrounds, talents, specializations, spells, and equipment. And the best part for GM’s a campaign tracker to help organize your game notes and keep all of you info at your finger tips.

Here are some preview images of how the project is progressing:

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